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Bomber and Djemila [Calypso film]

Calypso is the soul of Trinidad. For the past three centuries the storytellers are the
« chantwell » of the Creole world. Improvising and « extempo-ing », revolted through their poetry against any kind of censorship, the calypsonians tell stories of slavery, freedom, war and everyday life... emphasising of course for love, with a high dose of humour and sex. Captivating melodies and timeless hits, their rhythms free the bodies of the audience who sings with them the joy and drama of the journey of these Caribbean nations.
« Calypso @ Dirty Jim »s” tell the story of the reconciliation with this generation of artists in the heart of the “Calypso City” and on stage at the infamous « Dirty Jim's Swizzle Club » duly re-encacted for the needs of
this movie.
In Port of Spain, the Calypsonians are getting older and older but their energy is intact. As their voices, « golden voices », full of « soul » and tropical heat ! Bomber [Calypso movie]
In a studio, the last grand master came back to sing Calypso classics such as « Rhum and Coca Cola », « Jean & Dinah », « Shame & Scandal in the Family », backed by the musicians of the era of the Dirty Jim. During these exceptional sessions, the singers talk about the beginning of their career, their bohemian life, and the harsh competition to become the King.
Filmed around the Carnival ceremonies, which take over the street with Soca sound-systems, this musical documentary – colourful and moving – is a sensible and original evocation of the Golden age of Calypso.

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Calypso doc extract

TITLE : Calypso at Dirty Jim’s
PRODUCERS : Maturity Music Limited & Dynamo Production
Planète - Canal Antilles Prodom - UNDP Caraïbes (UNESCO)
Centre National de la Cinématographie – PROCIREP, ANGOA, AGICOAAUTEUR
GENRE : Documentaire
RUNNING TIME : 54' / 85’
TYPE OF RECORD : Beta numeric 16/9 - super 8
PLACES : Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
TYPE OF DIFFUSION : Beta numeruc 16/9 and 4/3 (VF & VO)

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